Shutterlock’s Kito Chain & Lever Hoists SABS Accredited

Kito Chain & Lever Hoists now SABS Accredited

Aligned with our customer requirements, Shutterlock ensures that all Kito Chain & Lever Hoists are now SABS accredited.
Every unit is subject to proof load test prior to delivery.


More information regarding SABS

What does the SABS mark mean?

The SABS mark is a process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests and meets qualification criteria stipulated in a standard, specification or regulation. Certified products are typically endorsed with certification provided by the certifying body.

What is needed to obtaining the SABS Mark Certification?

  • Your product must fall within a SABS/SANS national specification
  • The product is then fully tested to the specification
  • Your quality system is assessed to ISO 9000 or specific permit conditions
  • If the product and quality system comply with the requirements, a permit to apply the mark is issued
  • Regular product testing is conducted throughout the year, and feedback of test results is given
  • Assessments of your quality system are made at least twice per year, and full reports are issued

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