10 Ton Salva-Vida Spreader Beam Set

Salva-Vida™ Lifts 10 Ton of Weight with its Name

Introducing the New Salva-Vida 10 Ton Spreader/Lifting Beam.

A Spreader/Lifting beam is a below-the-hook lifting device used to aid riggers and crane operators in lifting up large and sometimes heavy loads. The Spreader/Lifting beam is used to distribute the load of a lift across more than one point. This increases stability and decreases the loads applied to one single lifting point during lifting.


The Salva-Vida 10 Ton Spreader/Lifting beam is purpose built on customer’s request in order to ensure customer satisfaction and a fit for purpose product.


Salva-Vida 10 Ton Spreader/Lifting beam used on-site

The Spreader/Lifting beam set includes the following components:

The Spreader/Lifting beam Set is proof tested to 150% of its Working Load Limit.
A Load Test Certificate is supplied with the product.
The spreader/lifting beam in the photos was used in its ideal application – on a mobile crane.
To see the Spreader/Lifting beam in action, visit our Facebook page and watch the video.


Here is to us all, Lifting Safety.

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