Shutterlock’s New Salva-Vida Forklift Attachment!

Shutterlock’s New Salva-Vida Forklift Attachment!

The forklift attachment is used to covert a forklift truck into a mini crane.

The units are manufactured in South African and are Proof Load Tested to 1.5 times the Working Load Limit (W.L.L).
The ‘Application’ section, in the below image. Gives the user a basic description of what the product must be used for.
The ‘User Guide’ section, describes what steps to take to ensure that competent customers use the product correctly.

Available sizes for the products:
1Ton; 2Ton and 3Ton

The attachment lets the user lift 3ton or lower items/units with the required forklift attachment.
DO NOT use a forklift attachment with the wrong Working Load Limit for example; lifting a 3ton load with a 1 or 2ton attachment.


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