Yoke RFID SupraTag


A smart solution can be applied at your site for digitised product information : RFID SupraTag

The following links will provide more information regarding how the RFID SupraTag is incorporated with different slings.
Webbing Slings: https://go.yoke.net/l/795183/2021-02-02/4nl2d
Chain Slings: https://go.yoke.net/l/795183/2021-01-19/4lc4w
Wire Rope Slings: https://go.yoke.net/l/795183/2020-12-11/3xhrv
Features and the compliance of the RFID Tags can also be accessed in the following links:
RFID SupraTag Features: https://go.yoke.net/l/795183/2021-01-04/4jpnt
RFID SupraTag Compliance: hhttps://go.yoke.net/l/795183/2021-01-10/4k7zk


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RFID SuptaTag Product Info


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