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Crosby’s McKissick Snatch Blocks

Crosby’s McKissick Snatch Blocks 418 (Hook Fitted) & 419 (Shackle Fitted) available at Shutterlock


Snatch Blocks Image

• Opening feature permits easy insertion of rope without reeving, or while the block is suspended.
• Can be furnished with bronze bushings or roller bearings.
• Forged steel swivel tees, yokes and shackles.
• “All Alloy” snatch blocks feature a significant reduction in weight compared to snatch blocks made of non-alloy materials.
• All sizes feature sheave grooves suited for a range of wire line diameters.
• Center pin equipped with pressure lube fitting.
• Bolt for opening feature is retained, to ensure no lost bolts.
• Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26 including identification ductility, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements.
Importantly, these blocks meet other critical performance requirements including fatigue life and material traceability, not addressed by ASME B30.26.
High quality products you can rely on.

Yoke RFID SupraTag

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Salva-Vida Titan Mining Harness by Honeywell

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Salva-Vida Bulk Bag Lifter

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Yoke Textile Slings Solution

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Rebel FX2 Chelsea Boots

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Shutterlock Mining Harness Brochure

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