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Are you a business owner, manager, Engineer or buyer who understands the need to invest in top quality equipment and products for superior results during operations? If you are, Shutterlock is the company for you; we specialise in the provision of state-of–the-art industrial lifting equipment and products that are manufactured to meet the industries legal requirements. We have over 28 years’ of experience in the industry and strive to constantly provide our valued clients with an exceptional service.

Our range of products includes:

Cargo Lashing Chain

Cargo lashing chain is used to ensure that cargo, which is being transported from one location to the next, is stable and secure. The chain, which is manufactured from steel, is anchored to the corners or hooks of a vehicle, while applying pressure on the cargo.

Here at Shutterlock, we offer a wide range of cargo lashing products such as:

  • Ratchet Binder
  • Level Binder
  • Clevis Slip Hook
  • Clevis Grab hook
  • Cargo lashing chain in various sizes


Dillon Electronic Dynamometers

Shutterlock sources products from manufactures who are leaders in their industry. Dillon is a premium brand and we are proud to be a supplier of Dillon electronic dynamometers; these tools are used to measure the load applied between two points. Dynamometers can be used in the following applications:

  • proof loading of equipment
  • measurement of weight or force
  • guy wire & cable tensioning
  • measuring the load applied between 2 shackles
  • measuring the weight of suspended loads



Karcher Pressure Washers

Our range of products also includes Karcher pressure washers industrial & domestic.

We stock a wide selection of Karcher Hot & Cold water high pressure washers; our range includes the following:

  • HDS 10/20-4 M
  • HD 10/25-4 Cage Plus
  • HD 5/15 C
  • And many more depending on the application


Crosby Shackles & Wire rope clips

Shutterlock is an Authorized stocking distributor of the complete range of Crosby products including the following:

  • G209 & G210 Crosby Shackles
  • G2130 & G2150 Crosby Bolt type Shackles
  • G450 Crosby Wire Rope Clips
  • G416 & G417 Spelter sockes

For more information on our range of industrial products, contact Shutterlock today.



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