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Shutterlock Training Course for Resin Capping

Shutterlock Training Course for Resin Capping

Shutterlock Training Course


This course will enable people to learn how to use a Wirelock resin kit effectively as well as how to prepare a socket and steel wire rope used for resin capping.


The different aspects that will be presented are as follows:

  • Mine Health and Safety Law & Regulations;
  • Requirements for rope terminations;
  • White metal vs. resin capping;
  • What to look for in the ideal capping material;
  • The different Wirelock resin kit sizes;
  • Schedule for indicating what capacity resin kit to use with sockets;
  • Warning/safety precautions – hazards and risks;
  • Premature failures of resin capping and
  • Preparation, cleaning and positioning of the rope and socket.

The training will be conducted at Shutterlock’s premises.

Trainees will perform practical training with the instructor regarding resin capping.

A certificate will be issued to the trainees after successful completion of the training.

Refer to our training brochure for more detail with regards to the steps you will take during the course.


Click to view the training resin capping brochure

 Wirelock Resin Brochure

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