Corner Protection

Corner Protection

Salva-Vida Urethane Corner Protection

The Salva-Vida corner protection range made of high quality polyurethane for the Steel Fabrication, Transport and Industrial Sectors and all Allied Industries.
The unit(s) protect all painted, galvanised, stainless steel and aluminium from scuffing and scratching.
The unit(s) prolong the life of lifting and load-securing equipment; i.e. Webbing Slings, Chain Slings & Steel Wire Rope Slings.

Hinged edge-protector for chain & steel wire rope

 Corner Protection

Hinged edge protector for chain & steel wire rope – 10mm

The attachment chain may only be used as an attachment accessory without edge protection if a 20% reduction in load lifting capacity is taken into consideration or if the next-largest chain thickness is used.
A “sharp edge” exists when the edge radius is smaller than the nominal thickness of the lifting chain. Further information is available in the “sharp edge“ chapter.

The chain slides through the clip
Adapts optimally to the load geometry
Does not fall off the chain even when knocked

Hinged edge-protector for lashing belts & flat webbing

Hinged Edge Protector for lashing belts flat webbing compressor

Hinged edge protectors for lashing belts & flat webbing


By means of a hinge, the edge protector can be optimally suited to fit any load geometry. It can be optionally equipped with magnets to better retain its position on the magnetic load. The edge protector can be quickly secured to the edge of the lashing belt by means of mounting slits. The lashing belt slides through the clip which remains on the lashing belt despite collisions.

Magnets for easy fixation of the magnetic load

The lifting strap slides through the Clip
Optimally adapts to the load geometry
Remains on the lifting strap even if it is knocked off
as an Option: Magnets for simple attachment to magnetic loads

Corner edge-protector for lashing belts & flat webbing

Corner Edge Protector for lashing belt flat webbing compressor

Edge protector for lifting straps & flat webbing with magnets

If the load has sharp edges or has a rough outer surface, a suitable abrasion or edge protector must be used. Edge-protectors are easy and versatile to use.

The extremely robust edge-protectors protect the load and the lashing belts. They increase the radius of the edge and prevent “sharp edges”.

The corner edge-protector for lashing belts considerably increases the radius on the corners. It is particularly robust and durable thanks to the perforated-plate reinforcement. An optional magnetic version can be easily attached to the magnetic load.

Reinforced with perforated steel sheets
Extremely sturdy
Protects the lifting strap and load at the edges
Optionally available for: Magnets for simple mounting on magnetic loads.

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