Crosby Straightpoint Clamp On Line Tensionmeter

Clamp on Line Tensionmeter

Clamp on Line Tensionmeter Image

The Straightpoint COLT is a lightweight tensionmeter for fast and accurate measurement of wire rope tensions up to 5000 kgf and up to 25mm diameter.

Manufactured using an integral, high accuracy, Bluetooth module the COLT transmits load data wirelessly to any smart device running our Android or iOS app.

Constructed from aerospace grade aluminium the COLT digital tensionmeter is lightweight and easy to handle and operates on wires that are already under tension.

Features and benefits:

  • Unlimited wire rope calibration database via Android or iOS app
  • Main swivel joints fitted with high quality bearings
  • Lever ratio of 5.3:1 allows effortless, safe, clamping onto pre-tensioned wire ropes
  • Wireless Bluetooth, enabling operator to stand at safe distance if needed
  • Quick intuitive adjustable centre sheave makes changing wire rope sizes fast and easy
  • No easily broken external antennae
  • High waterproof resistant design for all weather use
  • Massive battery life of 1000 hours operational time

Tower Mode:

  • Records GPS coordinates
  • Logs the local temperature and windspeed from local NOAA
  • Ability to also allow elevation of wire rope to be inputted into log


    • Guy wire maintenance on cell towers, bridges, stacks, antennas and masts
    • Wire rope installations, comparing, equalising and measuring
    • Median cable barrier tensioning
    • Utility cable overhead line monitoring
    • Elevator hoist, governor and compensating wire rope maintenance
    • Zip lines and assault course testing
    • Fall arrest systems
    • Metro, tram and rail transit electric wires and catenary testing
    • Ski lifts

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