Salva-Vida Deadman’s Valve

Salva-Vida Deadman’s Valve

When one needs to clean a shaft bottom by means of blowing the loose material from crevices with compressed air to ensure that there are no explosives remaining, prior to commence drilling operations a Deadman’s valve is the preferred tool.


Manufactured in South Africa

A deadman’s valve forces the user to manually open the valve by pushing the lead handle forward, the lead handle once released will automatically shut the valve when the handle is let go by the operator. This is achieved by the force of the compressed air and construction of the unit.


Attach the deadman’s valve to a 50mm air hose and secure with an appropriate clamp to the tailpiece ensuring that the tailpiece is securly attached to the air hose.

A competent person is to check that the correct hose and clamp is used to ensure that the compressed air supplied will be suitable for the hose and clamp.

Attach a Salva-Vida whip check sling to the hose and clamp for extra safety.

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