Dillon Load Cells

Dillon Load Cells

Reliable Equipment for Overload Protection & Overhead Weighing

Dillon is the world leader in dynamometers with the most comprehensive product & capacity offering, quick deliveries and quality pre-calibrated equipment that is ready to work right out of the box.

In 1937, the entire Dillion brand was created in from their Dynamometer sales. They were built to last and were designed for longevity. The fact that Dillion is still the world leader in dynanomometers is a testament to their quality and accuracy. Dillon has definitely earned their reputation for creating rugged and long-lasting products that are very user friendly. Couple this with Dillions world-wide distribution network that assists their customers with product selection and unrivaled customer service. You really have no reason to use anything else.

The dynamometer is a portable, self-contained scale that measures the load applied between two shackles. The versatile dynamometer is often used to measure weight of suspended loads or tension in wires and cables. Common for use with any type of crane, utilities, tower erection and general load testing. View our range of Dynamometers below:


EDXTREME Dynamometer

Dillon Load Cells


The EDXtreme offers trademark Dillon resolution, application versatility and options. This flexible dynometer can serve as a simple hanging scale or be part of a sophisticated weighing system.



Dillon Load Cells EDjunior DYNAMOMETER


When the job calls for a reliable instrument to take basic, consistent measurements of weight and force, the affordable EDjunior delivers.


Dillon Load Cells Electronic Dynamometer




Dillon Load Cells AP DYNAMOMETER

The model AP is proven for guy wire & cable tensioning, bridge cable installation and field testing chain, rope and wire. This rugged instrument provides precision force and tension measurements to a wide range of industries.


It is used for such diverse jobs as suspended weighing; tensioning support cables for bridges or aerial work ways; adjusting tension on guy wires; load testing; field testing chain, rope and wire.


Dillon Load Cells Mechanical Dynamometer Page

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