Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

Vertical Drum Clamp

This clamp is designed for the loading and unloading of steel drums in a vertical position during the lifting operation.
WLL: 500kg
Identical clamp fitted with locking device

Horizontal Drum Clamp

This clamp is designed for horizontal transportation of steel drums
The lifting clamp is locked in the open position, the clamp is closed by pulling the lever upwards

Vertical Drum Clamp – Twin Grip

This clamp is designed to lift open top steel drums
WLL: 500 Kg
WLL: 1000 Kg

Drum Decanting Device (210 l Drum) – Suitable for Crane and Forklift

This device is designed for the decanting of chemicals, petroleum products, lubricant etc. – WLL 300 Kg
If utilised by a crane, the handle becomes a hand chain wheel driven by a hand chain
A heavy duty option is available for the decanting of steel balls (grinding media)
WLL: 2 000Kg

Vertical / Horizontal Drum Lifter (Steel)

This device is designed to lift steel drums with removable lids in the vertical and horizontal position
WLL: 1 000kg

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