Fall Clearance Calculations & Fall Factors

Fall Clearance Calculations & Fall Factors

This is the distance a person will fall when connected to a fall arrest attachment point. It is related to the Fall Factors (see Fall factor). Many situations can develop and it is ultimately the responsibility of the worker to ensure that there is a suitable fall clearance available. In order to calculate this, the worker must know the distances specified below, and it is also strongly recommended they attend a Karam safety at height training course.

Fall Factors Image

Factors needed for fall clearance calculations:

Length of lanyard
Fully activated energy absorber
Body height from feet to harness attachment
Additional safety clearance

If in doubt: Fall limiters reduce fall clearance < 3m

A fall limiter or self-retracting lifeline will stop a fall in centimeters and is therefore the ideal solution for low-level work where a shock-absorbing lanyard is unable to stop the worker from hitting an obstacle below.

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