Industrial Products

Industrial Products


Leading provider of world-class brands to the industrial markets. We stock and supply lifting and rigging supplies, steel wire rope, lubricants, protective safer clothing, submersible pumps, winches, and various resins.


Agriculture Products

Platipus manufacture two different types of earth anchors, the Stealth Anchor and the Bat Anchor. They are used for different purposes and different loads. The Stealth anchor is easily installed with a hand held drill and is designed for lightweight anchoring where the bat anchor needs a hand held hydraulic breaker to install it and this can be used for much higher loads.

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Shutterlock can supply a full range of helical fittings and various wiring designs for orchards, trellised crops and vineyards. Trellised crops provide greater yields and are a low cost, long life and low profile trellised solutions.

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Duckbill Earth Anchors

Ilula Lever Hoists

Ilula Chain Blocks

Pigtail Bolts & Coach Screws

NGK Grips

Spare Wheel Lock Slings


Articulated or “Drop Nose” Pin

The pin is used in many different applications. The articulation or drop nose gives you, even more, convenience as it allows the user to properly secure any load for their piece of mind effectively.

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Brilube Wire Rope Dressing

Steel wire rope needs to be treated like every other piece of machinery and the owner needs to realize that steel wire rope will wear out from abrasion & lack of lubrication. Steel wire rope is expensive and if you want to extend their operational life then you need to use a quality lubricant. Bridon’s unequalled experience in the world of wire rope manufacture and many years spent in the development of specialist in service lubricants have been used in the formulation of the Brilube range of products.

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Bulk Bag Lifter

Slide the bulk bag lifter over the forks of a forklift & tighten the adjustable locking bolts. The unit is designed to suit a variety of forklift teeth ranging from 100 x 38 mm to 120 x 50 mm. A competent person is to determine, the correct unit to suit the forklift capacity as well as the weight of the load to be lifted.

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Cargo Control Products

If you need to secure loads, our range of cargo securing systems are perfect. Our cargo securing systems are manufactured to suit any specific application including certification.

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Chain – Mild Steel Products

A complete range available to suit any application. Certified and tested and can be supplied in any length required.

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Corner Protection

Shutterlock, we manufacture & stock a range of Salva-Vida Urethane Corner Protectors. Made of high-quality urethane and specifically designed for the steel fabrication, transportation, and industrial sectors. These protectors protect all painted, galvanized, stainless steel and aluminium from scratching and scuffing. They will prolong the life of your lifting & rigging equipment.

Read more about our Salva-Vida Urethane Corner Protectors.


Crosby Products

Crosby IP clamps are world renowned horizontal and vertical transportation clamps that all come with a 10-year warranty. Shutterlock  is an Authorized Crosby IP repair Center. IP clamps can be used for all lifting and transferring purposes. A wide selection available  ex-stock.

CROSBY Bolts & Nuts
CROSBY® iP clamps
CROSBY Lifting Shackles
CROSBY National Steel Swaging Sleeves
CROSBY Thimbles
CROSBY Wedge Sockets
CROSBY Sockets For Steel Wire Ropes – G-416 / G-147
CROSBY Steel Wire Rope Clips G-450

CROSBY Slide-Loc
CROSBY Platinum Line

CROSBY Straightpoint Load Cells

CROSBY Straightpoint Wireless Compression Load Cells

CROSBY Straightpoint Clamp Line Tensionmeter

CROSBY Straightpoint Bluelink

CROSBY Straightpoint Load Cells Bluetooth


Dillon Load Cells

Shutterlock stocks Dillon dynamometer scales that measure the load between two shackles. The weight of suspended goods or tension in a cable can be effectively verified. Dillion, the world leaders in dynamometers all the equipment is ready to use out of the box.

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Fall Arrest

Safety in the workplace should always be of the utmost importance and there is no better way to keep your employees safe than using inertia reels, fall arrest blocks and fall arrest harnesses.

Miller Fall Arrest Equipment, Fall Arrestors & Inertia Reels

Titan Salva-Vida Mining Harness by Honeywell

Fall Clearance Calculations & Fall Factors

Miller Permanent Fall Arrest Systems


Flat Webbing & Endless Round Slings

Shutterlock stocks a wide selection of lifting slings.

Read more about Flat webbing & Endless Round Slings


Gas Cylinder Lifter

The mechanical mechanism ensures a fail to safe lifting procedure.

Read more about Gas Cylinder Lifter


Handling Equipment

When dealing with heavy equipment like construction machinery or drums, you can not be expected to do this by hand. The goods are just too heavy and are often awkward shape or sizes. Our handling equipment is designed specifically to counter this issue and allow for the safe and efficient handling of drums and construction equipment.

Construction Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

Forklift Attachment


Hydraulic Rail Bender

The Shutterlock Rail Former is locally manufactured.

The unit is used for the bending and forming of rails and will easily handle rail of up to 40 kg/metre

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JS Pumps

JS Pumps

Pumps Available

Sewage Pumps
Vortex Pumps
Slurry Pumps
Dewatering Pumps

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Karcher Pressure Cleaners

Heavy machinery will at some point become very dirty. You are operating these machines in dirty places and you just cant get away from this. If you want to wash something very big in a small amount of time then the best way to do this is to use a Karcher Pressure Washer.

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Key Eye Point

A lifting component manufactured by Yoke. The components are Proof Load Tested to 2.5 times the Working Load Limit (W.L.L). Rotates through 360° adjustable in the direction of the load.

Read more on our Key Eye Points


Lashing Protector (Lash-Pro)

The Salva-Vida™ Lash-Pro©, Lashing Protector is a light-weight, durable lashing protector suitable for protecting tie down straps up to 50mm. The Salva-Vida™ Lash-Pro©, Lashing Protector is flexible to enough to conform to the contour of the load, but rigid enough to protect all lashing.

Read more on our Lashing Protectors


Lifting Hardware

There are many times when industrial applications will call for heavy goods to be lifted. Shutterlock stock & supply a wide range of lifting and rigging machines to suit any application.

KITO® Electric Chain Hoists

KITO® Manual Chain Hoists

KITO® Manual Lever Hoists

KITO® Clips

Tirfor Lifting & Pulling Machines

Mining Air Hoists


Lifting Point Long Bolt

Lifting Point Long Bolt

Quick and simple assembly, just a tapped hole is required.

Read more on our Yoke Lifting Point Long Bolt


Lifting Hardware Accessories

Often lifting and hoisting goods are not enough and extra accessories are needed to better maneuver them into place. Shutterlock manufactures and stocks a complete  range of beam crawls, clamps snatch blocks.

Beam Crawls


Snatch Blocks and Manilla Rope Blocks

Salva-Vida Sheave Gauges


Load Testing & Repair Services Offered

As a registered LME, Shutterlock offers on site as well as in-house repairs & re-certification of lifting equipment.

Read more about our Load Testing & Repair Services Offered.


Man Cage

Man Cage link

This man cage is manufactured from tested materials that ensure integrity and safety.

Read more about our Man Cages.


Max-Alloy Chain Assemblies

The entire range of our Max-Alloy chain assemblies is available from Shutterlock. The assemblies are purpose made suit any specific lifting application.

Read more on Max-Alloy Chain Assemblies


Mechanical Ratchet Jacks

The mechanical ratchet jacks are available in three portable models, with 5t, 10t and 20t capacities with a lift reach between 330mm and 457mm.

Read more on Mechanical Ratchet Jacks


Mobi-jack Products

Shutterlock offers a range of Mobi-jack products that will meet all the mechanic’s requirements. The range includes workshop, winching & towing and lifting & jacking equipment.

Read more on our Mobi-jack product range.


Natural Or Synthetic Fibre Ropes

Synthetic Ropes are incredibly useful for all kinds of lifting, moving and relocation purposes. They can be used to hoist, pull and connect other lifting hardware with little effort.

Read more on Natural Or Synthetic Fibre Ropes


Plumbob Winch

Plumbob shaft sinking winches, with a fail to safe mechanism to ensure personnel safety at all times.

Read more on Plumbob Winches


Rope Sockets, Swivels & Clamps

The Rope Suspension are used for suspending guide or rubbing ropes in mine shafts, the base being supported on girders in the headframe or tower. Sockets are fitted to hoist ropes either by using white metal or resin and this type of fixing is preferred by many engineers. Swivels are used in the suspension of balance ropes in mine shafts; alternatively, they can be used for many other applications.

Rope Suspension

Hoist Rope Sockets

Hoist Rope Swivels


Rigging Hardware

Every good rigger needs the correct rigging hardware to ensure safe lifting practises. With the vast range available from stock Shutterlock has you covered.

Commercial Shackles & Wire Rope Clamps

Manual Winches

Rigging Screws



SAHM Test Beds

The test beds are specifically designed for proof and destructive loading of steel wire ropes, synthetic ropes, chains, shackles etc. according to DIN ISO 2307 and EN 12385. The accuracy of our machines is higher than Class 1 according to EN ISO 7500-1:2004.

Read more on our SAHM Test Beds


Split Sets

Friction rock stabilizers or Split Sets are used as underground support. Our split-sets design allows for greater tightening when lateral rock displacement occurs. W plates & installation tools are available from stock.

Read more on Split Sets


Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope is used in many applications and industries. Different configurations of steel wire rope are also needed for different applications. As an example, you would us a different steel wire rope configuration for elevators as opposed to chairlifts. Shutterlock stock a wide range of steel wire rope including accessories.

High-Performance Crane Rope

Chairlift Haulage Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope Raise Bore Sling

Serving Tool Kit

Riggers Spikes Splicing Tool


Steel Wire Rope Accessories

Sometimes you need some extra strength in a particular part of a crane rope or you might need a loop in a place that has none. The easy way to fix this is to make use of splices or ferrules which are specifically designed to meet these needs.


Aluminium Ferrules


Tophat Shaft Guides

Shaft guides for mining applications.
British Steel’s tophat shaft guides offer a high-quality, cost-effective hoisting systems for use in vertical mineshafts. They’re designed to give maximum productivity and service life in modern deep mine operations.

Tophat Shaft Guides


Submersible Pumps – Tsurumi & Dragflow

Submersible pumps are used in the construction, mining, and sewerage industries. If you need a reliable pump that will keep your dredging, and heavy duty slurry pumping, then look not further than the top quality submersible pumps that Tsurumi & Dragflow manufacture.

Read more on Submersible Pumps from Tsurumi & Dragflow


Tow Strops

Specially designed for offshore purposes, our trawling chains are heat treated to ensure high strength and toughness. They have improved wear resistance and have been extensively tested to ensure tougness & strength.

Read more on our Tow Strops


Transport & Rotating Trolleys

Trolleys are used to move heavy loads and other stationary goods from one place to the next.  Skates or trolleys can be used for loads from 6 to 60 Ton.

Read more on our Transport & Rotating Trolleys


Whip Checks & Cable Socks

Shutterlock manufactures whip checks & cable socks to suit customer requirement. The stocking style is woven steel which grips the hose more securely over a large area.

 Read more about our Whip Checks & Cable Socks


Wirelock Resin

When it comes to a socketing medium, the Wirelock range gives you peace of mind. The resins can be used for general engineering, structures, bridges, mining and offshore applications too. In fact, Wirelock resins are the preferred resins for offshore mooring systems and it is the only socketing system that is D.N.V certified, approved by Lloyds and has ABS type approval.

 Read more on Wirelock Resin



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