Lashing Protector (Lash Pro)

Lashing Protector (Lash-Pro)


Lashing Protector Lash-Pro


Product Description:

The Salva-Vida™ Lash-Pro©, Lashing Protector is a light-weight, durable lashing protector suitable for protecting tie down straps up to 50mm.

Fitment is made easy by weaving the webbing strap end through the slots on either side of the Salva-Vida™ Lash-Pro©.

The Salva-Vida™ Lash-Pro©, Lashing Protector is flexible to enough to conform to the contour of the load, but rigid enough to protect all lashing. The life of all webbing tie down’s is extended by using the Salva-Vida™ Lash-Pro© which protects against sharp corners or abrasive surfaces.

Colour: Available in various colours
Manufacturing Method: Injection Molding


Material Specification:

Elastron V101.A86.N
A soft, colourable thermoplastic vulcanizate TPV (EPDM/PP), in the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family that offers good physical properties and chemical resistance.

Excellent UV Resistance Properties
Excellent Wear Resistance Properties
Excellent Tear Resistance

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