Load Testing & Repair Services Offered

Load Testing & Repair Services Offered

Shutterlock offers a complete range of chain slings and components that are suitable for all your requirements.

For more information on our range of chain sling, contact us today.

Included in our range of products is repair lifting equipment. Shutterlock supplies and assembles repair lifting equipment giving you peace of mind for the operational side of the business.

Inspection, Repairs, Load Testing & Certification:

Load Testing & Repair Services

Beam Trolleys/Clamps
Chain Slings
Flat Webbing & Endless Round Slings
Chain Hoists
Lever Hoists
Pneumatic Chain Hoists
On-site Inspection & Load Testing
On-site Repairs
Truck Lifts
Rough Terrain/Earthmoving Agricultural
Equipment with Lift Truck Attachments
Rail Mounted Stalker Lift Truck
Overhead Cranes
Beams/Spreader Beams
Gantry Cranes
Cantilever Cranes
Semi-Gantry Cranes
Truck Cranes
Mobile Cranes
Boom Extension and Fly Jib Configuration
Air Hoists
Electric Chain Hoists
Snatch & Pulley Blocks
MEWPS (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms)
Cherry Pickers
Access Platforms
Hydraulic Lifts

LME Certificate

All repairs are proof loaded and delivered with relevant certificate of test & conformance

Specialists in repairs to all brands available

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