Shutterlock [Pty] Ltd houses a PPE Department, which stocks a wide variety of Personal Protective Equipment.
The products range from Conti-Suits, Safety Shoes, Gloves, Freezer wear, Eye Protection and many more. Included in our range of products is the Jonsson Workwear that is manufactured from superior materials. The Jonsson clothing PPE division is the one-stop for industrial and/or working clothing. A destination for customers to have the ultimate JONSSON WORKWEAR shopping experience where they will be assisted by dedicated and knowledgeable staff members. THE ZONE stocks the widest range of JONSSON WORKWEAR products in the region, providing the complete workwear solution for both men and women, for every workwear need.

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Core Workwear
Manual labor can be very hard on your clothing. top quality, What you need is durable and protective workwear that also makes you feel good when wearing it. When you take pride in your appearance then your mood and therefore productivity will climb. Jonsson Workwear use a blend of polycotton to keep the hard working man or woman going strong.

Workers are often caught outside when the weather turns bad so you need to keep them dry so they can get the job done. Jonsson’s Rain Workwear range uses water resistant PVC fabric and heat seal their seams so it keeps you dry. Our storm cuffs and storm flap protect the zip which is often an area where water gets in. Back and underarm vents keep your workers cool while the stowaway hood allows for an unobstructed view during bad weather conditions. Visibility is key in safety on a work site so all Jonsson Rain Workwear are made from from fluorescent fabric and reflective tape.

Legendary Khakis
South Africa is famous for its Khaki look. Jonsson has created a range of Khaki work wear that are stripped of excess and fit for purpose. Our Khaki range is made from 100 percent cotton and allow for breathability which is essential in the hot African climate. This boldly South African range is bursting with character and confidence.

The security, military and paramedic industries are made up of heroic people that put their lives at risk to help us. To celebrate this, Jonsson have developed a range of workwear that celebrates this. The combat range is functional and comfortable so productivity is always at its peak. This range uses a special Versatex 65/35 polycotton twill fabric which is durable, doesn’t fade and breathes.

Just because its cold, windy or wet outside it doesn’t men that the work can stop. The Jonsson Winter range is there to help workers conquer the elements. The Winter range brings comfort style and warmth to your team which empowers them to perform at their best

Safety is always paramount on the work site and this is particularly true when workers are handling dangerous materials or working in environments with exposed flames or high heat levels. Injuries can be avoided all together by wearing high quality clothing that is specially made to combat the exact hazardous materials that your workers might come into contact with.

South Africa has a massive hospitality industry and caters for local and international guests alike. Keep your employees looking smart in our Jonsson hospitality workwear range. Our hospitality garments are visually appealing and professional, yet comfortable and versatile.

If you have ever had to wear uncomfortable shoes for an extended period of time then you will have an dead of how this can hamper confidence and performance. Now imagine doing a full days work in a bad pair of shoes. This is why Jonsson workwear have created their own line of boots and shoes that are specially made to be worked in. All of the materials used in their range of work foot wear undergo stringent testing to ensure that our footwear maintain consistently high quality standards.

Jonsson also make work wear accessories like genuine leather belts and ultra-comfortable socks. We also stock Jonsson caps and hats in a wide range of colours.


Should you require any additional information regarding any PPE Equipment,

please send an e-Mail to : jonsson@shutterlock.co.za

alternatively you can call +27 82 707 5389

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