Salva-Vida Sheave Gauges

Salva-Vida Sheave Gauges


Why Maintain A Sheave
Maintaining a wire rope sheave is much more cost-effective than replacing wire rope. To maximize the life of the wire rope, re-tool or replace a sheave when grooves become:

So worn that they allow for excessive wire rope movement OR
So small that they twist and compress the wire rope.

How To Determine The Amount of Wear Using A Wire Rope Sheave Gauge

Use a wire rope sheave gauge to regularly check sheave grooves for wear, which may slow or block a wire rope:
1. Place the proper size gauge in the sheave.
2. Shine a light behind the gauge.
3. Check for light between the gauge and the root of the groove. If you detect light, replace or re-tool the sheave.

Salva-Vida Sheave Gauge Fit Test

Available in the following size range in mm

Salva-Vida Sheave Gauge Available Sizes

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