Tophat Shaft Guides

Tophat Shaft Guides

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Shaft guides for mining applications.
British Steel’s tophat shaft guides offer a high-quality, cost-effective hoisting systems for use in vertical mineshafts. They’re designed to give maximum productivity and service life in modern deep mine operations.

Hoisting Benefits

Superior dimensional control and straightness make for a smoother, faster lift with better stability allow greater hoisted mass.

Reduced Maintenance

An open structure permits easy access for simpler and safer inspection. Greater wall thickness delivers both stability and anti-corrosion benefits.

Quick & Easy Installation

Double-sided access allows quicker, simpler and cheaper installation.

Longer Lifespan

With the potential to last more than 3 times longer than alternative solutions, tophat shaft guides offer significantly extended service life, which can cover the entire lifespan of the mine without the need for major refurbishment or replacement.

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