Tow Strops

Tow Strops

Salva-Vida Tow Strop

UHMW Polyethylene multifilament yarns, 6000 denier yarn x 7 ends. Manufactured into a 12×2 construction.
Rope impregnated with grey Durathane coating and covered with an abrasion resistant outer cover.

SWL range from 5 ton to 80 ton.
Super 12 Tow Strops will be manufactured to customer ordered lengths.
Diameter will vary to SWL required.

Ultra-high strength to weight ratio
Low elongation factors
Minimal re-coil and kinetic energy at the break point
Fully traceable with ID tag
Certificated with unique serial no, complete traceability to OEM
Low risk of hand injuries (No spiking)
High resistance to wear & bending fatigue

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