Transport & Rotating Trolleys

Transport & Rotating Trolleys


Transport Trolleys – F/L Models


Transport Trolleys


Transport Trolleys  F/L  – For heavy loads up to 60 tons

Our standard transport trolleys F/L for heavy loads from 6t up to 60t
Extremely low loading height
All transport trolleys F/L are interchangeable due to identical loading height


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Rotating Trolleys – RL

Rotating Trolleys


GKS-PERFEKT rotating trolleys are available for loads from 1 t to 6 t. The special bearings in our rotating trolleys allow easy moving and rotating 360° around its own axis. Use a set of 3 or 4 rotating trolleys or even more simultaneously, depending on the machine’s support points, load distribution and floor conditions. Depending on the situation a combination of rotating trolleys with L/F trolleys is possible.

RL trolleys with the same loading height can be combined for 3 or 4-point support
Options: connecting bar and steering rod
RL trolleys can be equipped with GKS-ALPERFEKT®PUR wheels for sensitive floors
Depending on the load distribution, it’s possible to combine different RL models, but with the same loading height
Rotating trolleys can be combined with F or Tandem TL trolleys with same loading height

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